Old Farmer Went To Town To See A Movie The Ticket Agent Asked, "sir, What's That On Your Shoulder?" The Old Farmer Said, "that's My Pet Rooster Chucky . Wherever I Go, Chucky Goes."

I Am Sorry Sir," Said The Ticket Agent . "we Can't Allow Animals In The Theater."

The Old Farmer Went Around The Corner And Stuffed The Bird Down His Overalls . He Returned To The Booth, Bought A Ticket And Entered The Theater .

He Sat Down Next To Two Old Widows Named Mildred And Marge.

The Movie Started And The Rooster Began To Squirm . The Old Farmer Unbuttoned His Fly So Chucky Could Stick His Head Out And Watch The Movie .

"Marge," Whispered Mildred . "What?" Said Marge

"I Think The Guy Next To Me Is A Pervert."

"What Makes You Think So?" Asked Marge .

"He Undid His Pants And He Has His Thing Out," Whispered Mildred .

"Well, Don't Worry A Bout It," Said Marge.

" At Our Age We've Seen 'em All"

"I Thought So Too," Said Mildred,

But This One's Eatin My Popcorn!"
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