Top Ten Signs You Might Not Be Ready To Join The Air Force

10. You're afraid of loud noises, heights, and airplanes (First Lieutenant Maggie Rudolphi)

9. For you, the thrill of flight is the little package of salted nuts (Senior Airman Lesley Toussaint)

8. In high school, you were voted "queasiest" (Tech Sergeant Andrea Knutson)

7. You don't mind flying once you've had a few drinks (Master Sergeant Chuck Kramer)

6. You pass out from G-Forces incurred from riding an escalator (Tech Sergeant Josh Haney)

5. Whenever you see an "eject" lever you impulsively pull it (First Lieutenant Agnes Leam)

4. Show up to the recruiting center carrying a seatbelt extender (Chief Master Sergeant Juan Claudio)

3. Your primary reason for enlisting is "to meet Iron Man" (Lieutenant Colonel Bonnie Bossler)

2. You giggle every time you say, "cockpit" (Master Sergeant Dusty Lee)

1. Out motto, "aim high" -- your motto, "I'm high" (Colonel Marcus Johnson)

David Letterman
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