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Dirty Anti Jokes

How do you make a clown stop laughing?

Hit him in the face with an axe.
By: unumasa9t - 05-01-2012
Your friend is so gay, he has consensual sex with other men. and enjoys it.
By: Jesse Peak - 05-06-2011
How do you make a Plumber cry?
You kill his family.
By: Arctic Wolf - 04-06-2012
What did the guy say he finished having sex with he his girlfriend?

Wow, that felt good.
By: Gladys Sydnor - 05-13-2012
What requires lots of rubbing, dirty pictures, and leaves you happy for a little bit, but then you realize you're sad and lonely?

A minimum wage job cleaning pictures
By: Minnuliay - 06-11-2012
A man walks up to a Hispanic man mowing a lawn and calls him a 'beaner'.

The Hispanic man is a little offended and disappointed that racial slurs are still used today.
By: Sonia Nunn - 05-13-2012
In New Zealand they found a new use for sheep.

By: Evjaobrile - 06-22-2012
In the kitchen, having a snack after work. I heard a loud knock at the front door. Our three old son opend the door. I heard a mans voice ask " Are your parents the home owners?" No my son eagerly
Replied the homos live next door
By: Ron Taliaferro - 11-16-2012